Barbara Shaw’s Creative Crushes – Be Creative With Workbox May/June 2017

creative crushesThis issue we chat to textile artist Barbara Shaw and find out 5 of her favourite things…

1. Loose leaf tea, particularly Marks and Spencer Luxury Gold. I start the morning with a cup of this and regularly have more throughout the day. I find the whole process of making tea using a teapot and a strainer very calming as well as giving me to space to think.
2. A big easel. Mine stands in my work room always ready for me to begin or continue a picture. I rest a piece of hardboard on the ledge then throw a piece of cloth over this. I pin and stitch scraps, standing back from the easel to check perspective. I love my easel so much that I even bought a car with the right dimensions to carry it!
We found one like Barbara’s at for only £65.99
3. Scissors I use Fiskars Classic Needlework Scissors which are comfortable to hold and are great for cutting small pieces of fabric. Their bright orange handles are so cheery that it is delight to use them.
4. Moda Grunge fabrics. These are my favourite background materials. They are subtly printed to look textured and come in a huge range of colours. I buy mine from Fabric HQ, Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire, which does mail order too.
5. Twitter, how did I ever exist without you? For communication, inspiration, education and laughs it is the greatest social media platform. I post progress of all my pictures on here as well as other people’s gems –I’ve found a wonderful community of like-minded souls to share with and I have learned so much.