Bring the Secrets of the Garden into the House – Ox Mag April 2018

DragonflyIn the article ‘Bring the Secrets of the Garden into the House’ by OX Magazine they discuss ‘adding a unique piece of art to an on-trend room adds your own personal statement to a stylish backdrop’ and Barbara Shaw gives an insight into her inspiration and techniques:

… Barbara Shaw creates her art by gathering many scraps of fabric together in layers to produce unique textured collages. “Like many artists I am inspired by plants,” she explains, “and use their ever-changing display in my tiny garden as a basis for my art. In some of my pictures I delve right into small details, for others I work on a big scale; they are all gloriously coloured and look like impressionist paintings from a distance. I have been influenced by Claude Monet’s style, Gustav Klimt’s use of lustrous materials, and the textile artist Kaffe Fassett who combines pattern and colour so effectively.

“The range of fabric I use includes patchwork cotton, silk, chiffon, lace and sparkly pieces, which give life to my work and for the viewer a fascinating palette of marks and shapes when seen close up.

“I stitch using a grey or beige thread – the randomness of the lines and knots are visible and become part of the picture; frayed edges add softness and subtle shading.

“For my recent series of pictures showing the Manor at Weston-on-the-Green, where I will be exhibiting for Artweeks, I wanted to capture the view from a window seat and the lavender walk, which hint at secret spaces waiting to be discovered. As a scene in my mind unfurls I imagine the layers and detail within – such as the creatures which might visit – and think about how to depict a close-up of flowers. My Dragonfly and Red Admiral were based on observations of the insects’ habitats and flight. I love to experiment with composition and have used a contemporary geometric fabric for my Yellow and Black.”

The full feature is avilable here: Bring the Secrets of the Garden into the House – Ox Mag April 2018