Painters Online Article June 2016

Art in Textiles – Geranium by Barbara Shaw – Featured in Painters Online

Following on from Barbara’s ‘How to create a textile landscape’ in Leisure Painter magazine, May 2016, the second project you might like to try is to ‘paint’ in textiles an impression of a pot of geraniums.

“If you are new to textile collage there is an interesting overlap with using paint: I replace the washes and paint dabs that artists use when their work is evolving with scraps of fabric. I usually hand-stitch many small pieces in layers to produce my pictures but for this image I suggest using Pritt Stick to bond the layers together as this will be easier for you. I incorporate patterned and textured materials and fray the edges of fabric which, on the finished work, then resemble the different brush strokes of the painter. It is possible to replicate all sorts of marks just by choosing to use, silk, chiffon, lace, tweed and sparkly and beaded bits of fabric” …

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